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injuries. no;bhñ word yet on the extent o their injuries or what caused the crash. emergency crews did shut down mt. hamilton road and right now are escorting cars through. nbc bay area news. >> thanks very much. we continue to follow a developing story out of los angeles and we start with a possible sighting of christopher dorner at a lowe's in southern california. police have taken it seriously enough to have put the area around the storm in lockdown. and we want to tell you los angeles leaders are offering million-dollar reward for the capture of christopher dorner. it is believed to be the largest ever reward ever offered. they have pitched in to help out. meanwhile, police continue to work overtime to try to protect the community and 50 officers and their families who could be targets. >> to be targeted because of what you are. to be targeted because you took an oath to protect others.
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to have your family targeted because they're related to you. that is absolutely terrifying. >> chief beck went on to say the reward is so large because dorner is considered a domestic terrorist. the former lapd officer is suspected of killing three people as revenge for his dismissal from the force four years ago. we'll bring you the latest developments both on air and online at inning bay san francisco police are also searching for a gunman after a deadly shooting overnight. police say they responded to shots, calls of shots fired in the alamo square neighborhood near the intersection of hayes and webster streets just after 2:00 this afternoon. police say when officers arrived, he they found a 23-year-old man suffering from a gunshot wound to the chest. he died at the scene. as of now, there is no motive for the killing and police are asking anyone with information to call the san francisco police department. oakland's growing crime problem was the subject of a packed community meeting this
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evening in the oakland hills. the public had a chance to hear from one of the consultants being paid big money to help pay the area around. now live with that story. >> reporter: the meeting ended about 30 minutes ago. robert wasserman is one of the consultants hired by the city of oakland and he was the main speaker. he is the chairman of the strategic policy partnership and he has a $100,000 contract with the city of oakland to review the crime prevention strategies. he is teaming up with police chief bill bratton to turn it around. they vowed at the end of the process oakland would be a different city. wasserman talked about the broken windows theory which focuses on minor crimes as a way of preventing major crimes..0÷
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sf i think at this staining there is a desire for action and there is energy be it the residents of this area or the folks that occupy, it doesn't matter, there is energy and we have to get that energy focused. >> reporter: wasserman called it one of the most complicated crime areas in the u.s. burglaries were up more than 23%. we talked to several people as they were leaving the meeting. we heard mixed reviews. some people said they had heard these ideas before. others said they were helpful it could turn it around in oakland. there will be other community meetings like this and we're told wasserman will attend the meetings. we talked to the mayor and the police chief. you can hear what they had to say tonight at 11:00. monte francis, nbc bay area news. thank you. it looked like chaos in fremont
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but it was only a drill. fire, police and other agencies responded to a large scale simulated disaster with hundreds of fictional casualties. today's event was one of the largest disaster manage many exercises ever held in the bay area with 15 agencies participating. >> these are all agencies that would typically respond if there is a large casualty event. we're trying to improve the coordination. we're trying to decrease the amount of time that it takes to get injured people to thean6d hospital so that if a large scale event happened, agencies knew who who is doing what. >> officials say these drills provide critical information for their disaster response plans. people all over the bay area are celebrating the lunar new year today. fireworks and music welcomed the year of the snake in san francisco's chinatown. chinatown was mobbed with shoppers getting ready for large traditional meals and celebrations that will run for the next few weeks. new years day is always set aside for family.
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the days following are for visiting friends and relatives and the public celebrations get underway. clean-up after the massive storm in the northeast has begun and crews are racing to restore power for hundreds of thousands of people. we'll have the latest. >> plus, joe montana is the appearance in the bay area and it is not at a place where you might expect. >> this is the biggest. i've heard it described as the size of a safeway. also, expect a near miss with something the size of a football field. the upcoming cosmic event that has local researchers buzzing.
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people in new england are slowly making progress, dig out from that massive storm. crews fanned out across the region trying to clear roads from new york to massachusetts. power crews are also out in force boringing to restore electricity to the more than 300,000 customers still facing another dark night. amtrak is slowly getting back on schedule as well. >> we've been trying to get on planes, trains, and automobiles for the last day or so. >> airports expect to be up and running at full capacity soon of the. president obama's fourth state of the union is expected to cover a lot of ground. jobs, the economy and the middle class will be the president's main focus tuesday night.
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he is expected to set the stage for a spending showdown with republicans that is ticking down to a march 1st deadline. that's when automatic cuts would happen if there is no agreement. >> they would rather ask more from the vast majority of americans and put our recovery at risk than close even a single tax loophole that benefits the wealthy. >> these indiscriminate reductions do not make sense. we'll hurt a lot of people and it is up to the president to act now. >> after his speech, the president will be taking his case to the people, visiting asheville, north carolina, atlanta, and chicago. the president's address will be followed by two responses from marco rubio and rand paul. there was a successful test flight at boeing's problematic dream liner this weekend. it flew about 1,100 miles, taking off and landing at boeing field in seattle and that is very good news for the silicon valley. these are the aircraft scheduled to connect san jose and tokyo. until they fly again, they're
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out more than $200,000 a you day. yesterday was the first day they were allowed to fly since last month. in one case a battery caught fire shortly after landing in boston. the dream liner is the first commercial airliner to rely heavily on lithium ion batteries, the same kind used in cell phones. meteorologist rob mayeda has a preview of the workweek. >> it looks a lot like the weather we saw this weekend. more sunshine and you may be surprised by how warm the daytime highs get. a little breezy out there setting the stage for a chilly night. we have surprising statistics on just how dry 2013 has been so far. a look at that in the workweek forecast.
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valentine's day is coming up and it is extra special for some children who received life saving congenital heart surgery. the children's heart surgery throws them a special valentines party this year. about 500 children have surgery there every year to correct congenital heart defects. today many of those families and children gathered to celebrate their lives and it is a reunion for these families with a common and very intense upon. >> he had three things wrong with his heart. basically what they did was they repaired a hole in the big muscle of his heart and then they took the right ventricle, opened it up, used his own tissue and repaired that right ventricle. >> that precious little baby. that was the hospital's 13
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annual celebration for the families and for the children. it's going to be close. very close. all eyes and telescopes will be pointed toward space next friday when an asteroid weighing 130,000 metric tons will narrowly miss hitting earth. narrowly. >> don't let that spoil the cosmic experience for you. >> why why it? >> joe shows us what scientists say will be remarkable in a whole lot of ways. >> reporter: you may be wondering exactly what a grocery store has to do with a large asteroid hurdling through space. this exciting piece of video is all to len perspective. >> this is the biggest. i've heard it described as the size of a safeway. >> reporter: next friday, this safeway size asteroid named da-14 is expected to pass close enough to the earth's surface to grab the attention of astronomers like ben burriss. >> they know with certainty it will come really close.
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it will pass within 17,200 miles of earth's surface but then cruise safely back into space. >> reporter: nasa says it is the largest to fly this close to earth since the agency started keeping track. while the experts say it won't hit the earth, 130,000 metric tons of flying mass still makes people a little nervous. >> an impact by an object the size that will pass next week happens about every 1,200 years. >> reporter: to understand the true impact of asteroids striking earth, you have to travel back 66 million years. that's the time frame researchers at uc berkeley have newly pinpointed as the demise of the dinosaurs. >> the dinosaurs we think are wiped out around 66.043 million years ago. that's to within about 320,000 years. >> reporter: in a paper published this week, the group
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noted along with volcanos, the final nail in the dinosaur coffin likely fell from space. >> one is that an asteroid slammed into the earth. that wiped out the dinosaurs and a lot of life on earth. >> reporter: next friday's asteroid path isn't expected to be quite as spectacular but oakland space center will offer the public its telescopes to witness what may be the ultimate global driveby. j >> we need to duck. >> we're now prepared. it was another dry day. >> we saw more 60s for highs. this despite the fact many places waking up to some low 30s this morning. near 60 in san jose. areas south of san jose up to 64 degrees. the weather watcher steve near, to the east of the valley reporting 64 degrees. 62 in oakland. 59 in san francisco. and 60 in livermore. let's talk about these rainfall statistics as we look from the start of the year to where we should have, which is the column
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on the left to what we've seen so far. here you go from cities from the north bay, sonoma, napa, sfo, redwood city, oakland, the driest start to any year on record. this is for january into early february rainfall. now what's a blessing is the fact that december was the tenth wettest december on record. these numbers, not so good for rainfall. when you compare that early lead-in that we had with the rainfall to start the season, the bay area is looking okay. a lot better than last year where we're seeing about 30% of average rainfall. a lot of the gains we made in december starting to slip away. the snow pack looks healthy. a big difference from last year when it was 29 to 36% of average. so still looking okay. 70% to 80% of average. when you see the seven-day forecast and really the 14-day forecast which looks very dry. you're going to see the numbers continue to drop off. the satellite view has a few high clouds going by with high pressure to the west. we're still kind of seeing
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northerly flow down. setting up for some chilly nights. here is the blocking pat person will cause this rainfall and snowfall problems. the polar jet. the main driver for the snow systems way off to the north. sometimes it is a tropical jet that can bent up. that can bring us rain but both being split around this region of high pressure which isn't going anywhere. at least for the next five to seven days. hour by hour, things are staying dry. a few high clouds. a slight offshore breeze will keep the winds off the coasts so the temperature will be chilly. it will be cold for the morning. the afternoon, things turn around pretty nicely. mostly mid to upper 30s. if you have some wind around the hill tops, you may stay in the 40s. some places in the higher elevations, not as cold as we saw this morning. tomorrow near 60 in san jose. not much change as we get the workweek started into the tri-valley. maybe some mid 60s. for san francisco, getting
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closer to 60 degrees. around berkeley, richmond, 58, san francisco. low 60s in santa rosa. once we pass monday and tuesday, high pressure will strengthen. that warming will be felt by us down here at sea level. we'll see upper 60s, close to 70 in the warmest spots. i think friday looks to be the warmest day. by next weekend, the high pressure will give up a little ground but not enough to give us rain. student. next sunday we'll see clouds and cooling. for now, the showers will stay off to the north. then the dry pattern continues. >> a very interesting graphic you picked up. how dry it's been. coming up, joe montana is returning to his old stomping grounds this week. instead of football, a little fashion.
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hall of famer joe montana will sign autographs this week. the football legend will be at the san francisco store tuesday from 4:00 to 6:00 p.m. he will take photos with the first 150 guests in line. shoppers will get to spin the prize wheel for a chance to win a signed football or post card or, this might be the most fun of all, even catch a pass from joe montana. it is a japanese style h & m that has more than 1,000
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locations. and diane has been at every single one of them. >> just cannot wait to get the next one. let's check in with mindi bach. a chamber of commerce day at pebble beach. >> absolutely perfect. remember the name james hahn, entered the final round of at&t pebble beach with a share of the lead. a picture perfectay on the monterey peninsula for the final 18. it was a perfect finish for one of those winners. mom, i invited justin over for lunch.
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good. no, not good. he's a vegetarian and he's going to be here in 20 minutes! [ mom ] don't stress. we can figure this out. ♪ [ male announcer ] get the speed to make a great first impression. call today to get u-verse high speed internet for as little as $14.95 a month for 12 months with a one-year price guarantee. this is delicious. ♪ [ male announcer ] save the day in an instant. at&t. ♪ . there is absolutely nothing more memorable than a picture perfect day spent on the monterey peninsula except maybe if you leave one of the world's most famed golf courses with a bringing toasty. an absolute gorgeous final round at the pebble national pro am. well.
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brandt snedeker entered with a share of the lead. he has been a runner up but not this lead. that was his second shot on the second hole and he would put him into position. this is on the short par 3. the seventh hole was one of three birdies on the opening seven holes. he begins to distance himself from the field. chris kirk, the only player to truly have a chance to compete with snedeker. this is on 13 for birdie. kirk would shoot a final round 66. he finished in second place. the rookie, cal product james hahn started with the lead but he makes birdie. he shot a final round 70 and was never much of a factor in this one. jim harbaugh on 18th with the aussie. jason day as his pro. he would tap in and still have a lot of fun. a little tip of the cap. the 18th hole for snedeker playing with his partner. this is a chance to win the pro am. just misses it.
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snedeker couldn't believe it because they would have to share the title. snedeker on 18. this is a big one. his first win of the season with that shot. his wife btfr÷mannedi along wit daughter lily and son austin gives dad a big hug for a big win to start 2013. >> it's a huge relief. i guess i got tyilucky that tig woods and phil mickelson weren't out there. to play a golf course in great condition like this and play with my good friend and be able to win this is really special. how about cal visiting number 7, arizona. first half, cal down 9. allen krabbe starts. the lead cut to 7. tyronne wallace drives. gets it to go. that caps off the 8-2 run. the bears pull within 3. final seconds of the first half.
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makes the layup again. cal down just five. the second half, the bears come out firing. krabbe for the three and that is a four-point play. the bears now lead by 10. later in the half, cal up 7. mark lions gets the big one dounlt. the wildcats down by four. under six to go. it is that man again. krabbe for 3. the wildcats still firing back. lyons. that makes it a 2-point game. once again, krabbe takes control. he responds. krabbe had 31 points in this game. the bears win 77-69. and break a three-game losing streak to the wildcats. how about this one? two savannah state students released video of what they claim is themselves sneaking into the super bowl in new orleans. a couple of crazy moments include them passing by a couple
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does security guards and then took something through the door. then they make it all the way to the seats. they claim that they did not. i don't know if that's true. i have to say that security was really, really tight. they checked everything. you had to put your bags down and had them sniffed and if they can get through there, i would say the u.s. government needs to hire those two. >> i think you're right. how many do they really deserve after what happened with the lights and now what's next? >> i'm sure there's a lot more that happened that we don't know about. it was crazy down there. a mass of humanity as you can manning. >> thanks, mindi. a series of benefit concerts has raised more than $75,000 fan for brian stow. the money was raised at a concert in napa and another in redwood city last month thanks in large part to the giants third base coach tim flannery who played with his friends. stow has been in the hospital
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for three week after suffering severe blood cloths. his website said it has been a major setback and he can now only stand for a few seconds at a time. his birthday by the way is next tuesday. his family on the website is hoping to have him back at his rehab facility by then. they had a fund-raiser in sweetwater, mill valley. >> weather? >> the weather looks pretty nice. we'll see the weather inline. low to mid 60s and then 70s the second half of the week. >> thanks for choosing nbc bay area news.
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